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4 Trees Planted for Each Sold Artwork

Nature Inspires My Work

Nature inspires my artwork, and I think that I have to give something back and, at the same time, help the environment. It is why I partnered with two companies: Ecologi and Trees For Life. These groups of environmentalists make it possible to tackle the climate crisis. 

I have been selling my paintings and drawings online for years, and I recently planted 3 trees for each of the last artworks I sold since 2022. I did it in collaboration with Ecologi. 

213 New Trees! A small woodland :-)

In the future, I will plant even more. There will be 4 trees for each sold artwork! And I am proud of it! There will be 3 trees with Ecologi planted in diverse projects and one with Trees For Life grown in Scotland.

What are Ecologi and Trees For Life?


In 2018, a group of environmentalists in Bristol founded Ecologi. People like you and I can help with the climate crisis on their web pages. They provide us with ways to reverse climate change collectively.

To name a few of their many commitments: they plant a forest in Tanzania, plant trees and take care of water security in Kenya, generate renewable solar electricity in Egypt, restore forests in Peru, prevent deforestation in Congo, and plant trees in Honduras alongside new wind power generators.  

Trees For Life

Another organisation I work with is Trees For Life, a registered Scottish charity. They plan to "rewild" the Scottish Highlands. The group runs several projects like recovery of Caledonian pinewoods, planting new trees, and returning red squirrels and lynx to Scotland – [I actually once saw a wild lynx there. It was an exhilarating encounter, and I felt happy to see such an animal in a distance in the woods].

Here is my footprint with Ecologi and Trees For Life

Do Trees Play a Role in My Art?

Yes, of course! I have a personal relationship with trees and love to portray them in my paintings or drawings.

I call my such depictions "Portraits of Trees." Trees are individuals, as any living thing is. When you call a human or pet portrait "A Portrait" - you can also call a picture of a tree "A Portraiture" of it. At least, I think so.

For me, a tree is much more than a part of a landscape. For me, a tree is part of life. So, everywhere where I go, I admire every tree I see. In case I have a camera with me, I also photograph every tree! :)

Thank goodness we now have digital photography. With the film in a camera, this would be difficult and very expensive too! [Oh yes! I still remember the 64 images per film! Film complete - you needed to replace the old one with a new one, store the used film and send it to a developer to receive printed photographs. Thank goodness, this is now the history!]

Now, our digitalised life is much easier in the case of photographing every seen single tree! And the trees are so beautiful!

The Magical Power of Trees in Art

Trees have played a crucial role in art for generations. They have been depicted in various forms, including street trees, forests, parks, rainforests, and woodlands, and have been used to represent growth, knowledge, and life. 

Artists have used trees as a powerful symbol in their paintings and other works of art. They have depicted trees in many variations, showing them at different growth stages and influencing the artwork's atmosphere. 

Depicting trees in art requires total concentration and exquisite craftsmanship. The complex appearance of trees makes them a challenging subject for artists. Still, at the same time, it offers an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their skills. 

As an artist, trees inspire me, and I love to portray them in my paintings and drawings. I call my depictions of trees "Portraits of Trees." To me, trees are more than just a part of a landscape; they are individuals, just like any living thing. 

Trees hold a magical power in art. They add a natural and organic element to an artwork, creating an eerie yet quintessential atmosphere. 

Through my artworks based on nature and trees, I hope to bring pure enjoyment to those who explore them. 

And always remember, plant more trees!

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