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Art Collector Is in Love with 2 of My Landscapes

Two of My Sold Landscapes 

This is always great news when an art collector writes a positive testimony about your artwork and the buying art online experience.

A collector from Georgia, USA, loves my serene landscapes: "Rural Scene" and "Walking in Thirsk." Of course, I am happy!

Here are the artworks - see below.

 Rural Scene painting by Rhia Janta-Cooper

I called this painting above "Rural Scene," and the one below is titled "Walking in Thirsk".

 Walking in Thirsk painting by Rhia Janta-Cooper

After the delivery, I was pleasantly surprised because the collector left a short but very appreciative review.

It pleased me because customers seldom write a testimony; maybe it is my fault because I never ask for a review. I want to avoid causing further trouble or causing more work for them. I am already happy they bought my painting, so why torment them with any review requests?

I understand well that we all have little time for additional work, such as writing a review. For example, I seldom write testimonials, even when I am exceptionally satisfied with my purchases or deliveries. I think time is to blame for it, and we never have enough of it.

Still, the review was short and poignant, and I loved it.

"Absolutely love them! I love the style and the bright colors. Beautiful. Thank you so much!" says my customer from the USA.

It makes me so proud to receive a review, and whether it is short or long doesn't matter. It makes me happy that my art brought satisfaction to another person.

The "Rural Scene" was anyway somewhat remarkable.

It went to a competition about muted colours and won nothing from the jury (I barely muted the colours in this painting, right?), but it won the popular vote, which meant much more to me.

Like any other painting, finishing this artwork took me some time. Typical, a picture of this size, 50 x 40 cm, absorbs me for 10 – 21 days. I loved to capture the beauty of nature on canvas. The stunning scene evokes memories of a walk in the sun on a late-summer morning. The recollection puts a smile on my face, and I hope, on your face, too.

The second artwork, "Walking in Thirsk", is also an exceptional work I loved to paint very much. 

Thirsk is an old market town in North Yorkshire, a home for the late James Herriot, a British vet and the author of All Creatures Great and Small. Like him, I love this place. 

The small town of Thirsk had always been a source of inspiration for me. I loved the quaint little streets, the old houses with their charming architecture, and the friendly locals who always had a smile on their faces. But it was the scenery after the rain that I enjoyed the most.

After a heavy rainstorm, I took my dog Harvey and walked around town to admire the beautiful place. The sky was still dark and ominous, but the sun started peering through the clouds, creating a lovely contrast of light and shadow.

Walking along the wet streets, I noticed the trees and flowers looked brighter and more vibrant. The raindrops on the petals and leaves created a beautiful sparkle I had never seen before. I couldn't resist capturing the beauty of the moment, so I took out my sketchbook and started to draw.

I sketched the trees with their bright yellow leaves, the impressive pampas grasses, the white streetlamps, and the reddish houses that glowed in the setting sun. I worked quickly, trying to capture every detail before the light changed.

When I finished the sketch, I knew it could be an attractive artwork. I saw the moment's beauty captured in the drawing and knew I had to turn it into a painting. Back in my studio, I grabbed my paintbrushes and a canvas.

For the next few days and weeks, I worked tirelessly on the painting to recreate the beauty of the moment I had witnessed. I mixed my paints carefully, trying to capture the bright colors and the soft shadows, and painted the trees with bright yellow leaves and the houses in warm, glowing colours.

After finishing the painting, I knew it was one of my best works. The hues were vibrant, the shadows were soft, and the image perfectly captured the moment's beauty. I titled the painting "Walking in Thirsk" and hung it in my gallery.

The painting became an instant hit. People came from all over to see the beautiful landscape after rain, captured perfectly in the artwork. They admired the bright colors, the soft shadows, and the beautiful contrast of light and dark. I knew I created something unique that someone would cherish for years.

And every time I saw the painting, I smiled, remembering that beautiful moment after the rain, with its dark clouds and sunny spots.

Prints are available.

In the future, you can find prints of my sold art, and the reproductions of these two paintings can be an excellent addition to your home, helping you create a relaxed and tranquil environment. You can turn your place into a peaceful escape with these pieces.

In the meantime just contact me about your wishes.



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