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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Fantasy in Lavender: Psychedelic Kaleidoscope

Fantasy in Lavender: Psychedelic Kaleidoscope

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Fantasy in Lavender: Psychedelic Kaleidoscope is an abstract, original, multicoloured mandala artwork. It is an acrylic painting in geometric, Radial Symmetry Art.

  • Materials: high quality, professionally stretched, medium grain linen canvas, few coats of primer, professional-grade acrylic paints, three coats of varnish
  • Size: 65.5 x 50.5 x 2 cm
  • The artwork is not framed, but it is ready to hang on a sawtooth bracket fixed on the backside of the canvas's wooden stretcher.
  • Style: geometric abstract

The beauty of kaleidoscopes and the intricate patterns that they created have always fascinated me. I loved to draw and paint them, and I would spend hours lost in the complex details of each design.

One day, while walking through a lavender field, I was struck by the flowers' beauty and vivid colours. The way the flowers swayed in the breeze and the vibrant shades of purple and pink inspired me, and I knew I had to capture this moment in my art.

I returned to the studio, determined to create something unique and special. Picking up my brushes, I started to paint, letting the colours and patterns just flow through.

As I worked, I began to lose myself in the process, and soon, the painting took on a life of its own. I watched the colours blend together, creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns that seemed to dance on the canvas.

I worked tirelessly for days, perfecting each detail and creating a piece representing the lavender field's beauty and wonder. I knew it was something special that would bring joy and inspiration to those who saw it.

And so, I named it "Fantasy in Lavender: Psychedelic Kaleidoscope," a fitting tribute to the inspiration that had brought it to life. The painting is a true showpiece, a testament to my dedication and passion for the art of mandalas and kaleidoscopes.

Using brushes and acrylics, I painted the artwork. The painting's sides are white and ready to hang, although you can frame the Fantasy in Lavender at some point.

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