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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Flores de Luna, original acrylic painting

Flores de Luna, original acrylic painting

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Flores de Luna is an original acrylic, luminous painting of the Moon and cherry flowers.

  • Materials: primed with five coats of gesso primer, linen canvas, gallery-wrapped around the stretcher bars, professional-grade acrylic paints, three coats of gloss, high-quality varnish
  • Size: 61 x 46 x 1.9 cm
  • Style: realism
  • The artwork is not framed but ready to hang 
  • Images three and four show the artwork in a different light

By viewing the artwork from various angles, you will witness a radiant and constantly changing image.

During a walk in early spring with my Border Collie companion, Harvey, I sketched and photographed a similar scene. The sky was still relatively bright, but the moon was already shining upon us. Meanwhile, the new flowers on the tree were rejoicing in the early days of the year.

The painting has many different aspects to it. It is versatile in that you will see a slightly different image when viewed in different lighting. For instance, when viewed from the front, the painting displays a whitish moon, which can have a silver shimmer to it; and it can take on a slight purplish glow when viewed from the side.

You would describe the painting’s sky as a gradation of blue shades. However, it appears in a shiny bluish-silver or light purplish-blue hue when viewed from different angles.

This painting has an opalescent quality due to its luminosity.

The canvas is high-quality medium-grain linen that has been primed five times. I painted it using professional-grade acrylics and varnished it three times to protect the artwork.

The sides are painted white, and you can display the artwork without any frame. Finally, it is ready to hang on a sawtooth hanger fixed to the stretcher bars.


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