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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Kingfisher with Fish in a Beak original, hyperrealistic drawing

Kingfisher with Fish in a Beak original, hyperrealistic drawing

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Kingfisher with Fish in a Beak is an original, hyperrealistic drawing of a bird.

  • Materials: illustration board, coloured pencils Luminance by Caran D'Ache and Polychromos by Faber Castell, fixative for pencils 
  • Style: Hyperrealism
  • Size: 30 x 30 x 0.3 cm; the artwork itself is 28 x 28 cm; this leads to a clean margin around the image as a preparation for a mounting mat
  • The artwork still needs to be framed.
  • The second image only shows an example of how the drawing may look in a frame and on a wall.

The drawing of the Kingfisher with Fish in a Beak was a labour of love for me. It all started when I stumbled upon Caroline Legg's amazing photographs of birds on Flickr. I was immediately captivated by the beauty and detail in the images and knew that I had to create something inspired by them.

After hours of poring over the photographs, I decided to create a hyperrealistic drawing of a bird. I selected photos of a Kingfisher with Fish in its Beak and began to sketch out the details. Carefully studying the photographs and examining every feather and curve of the bird's body, I sketched the features of the kingfisher onto the illustration board.

As I worked, I found myself getting lost in the process of creating the drawing. I felt like I was almost channelling the bird's spirit, bringing it to life on the page. The hours and days flew by as I worked, and before I knew it, the drawing was complete.

The result was thrilling, and I knew it was all thanks to Caroline Legg's amazing photographs. I was touched by the photographer's generosity in allowing me to use her work as a reference. I felt a deep gratitude towards Caroline.

The drawing of the Kingfisher with Fish in a Beak now waits for forever home. It is a testament to my love of birds and dedication to the craft. Whenever I look at it, I am reminded of the natural world's beauty and wonder and the power of art to capture that beauty and share it with others.

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