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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Magenta Flower Garden Painting

Magenta Flower Garden Painting

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Magenta Flower Garden Acrylic Painting is a beautiful original artwork that depicts a magenta-coloured flower.

The painting was inspired by a real-life experience when walking my pet Harvey. I saw this stunning Dahlia across the road. I couldn't resist photographing it, even though I had to capture it from a distance of around 35 yards. I later used this photo as a reference to create my painting. However, I chose to paint it in a more impressionistic style than usual, my realistic style.

While I initially wanted to title it "Magenta Flower From My Neighbour's Garden," I kept it simple and left it as it is. My dear Neighbour, please forgive!

Floral artwork can add a touch of nature and elegance to any space. The use of colours and brushstrokes in floral paintings can evoke a range of emotions and set different moods in a room. The magenta garden flower is an excellent example of how floral artwork can be inspired by real-life experiences and transformed into beautiful art pieces. The fact that it is painted in an impressionistic style adds to its charm and uniqueness. Overall, flower garden wall art can be a great addition to any art collection and bring tranquillity and beauty to any space.

This artwork was created on Fabriano Pittura acid-free and archival sheet of paper using professional-grade acrylic paints and varnish. The sheet of paper is 35 x 25 x 0.1 cm, and there is a white margin around the painting as preparation for a mounting mat, making its actual size 33 x 22.8 cm.

The painting is impressionistic in style and is not framed.

The second image only shows how the painting may look in a frame and on a wall.

The painting is mentioned in a blog.

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