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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Purple Sky Sunset - Skyscape Painting

Purple Sky Sunset - Skyscape Painting

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If you're looking for an original and stunning piece of art, the "Purple Sky Sunset - Skyscape Painting" is now available for purchase. 

It will make an exquisite addition to your collection. Take advantage of the chance to own this beautiful artwork. 

This painting is my original hand-painted skyscape. The artwork features a dramatic purple and pinkish sky sunset with a visible castle silhouette. I used a linen canvas board to make this acrylic artwork.

I painted on a primed, handmade linen board with professional-quality acrylic paints, then coated the finished work twice with Golden's premium MSA varnish.

The dimensions of this piece of art are 30 by 20 by 0.4 centimetres. The artwork is unframed.

In the second image, you can see the artwork's appearance when framed and mounted on a wall.

The third image shows it on an easel in the studio.

About the process of painting this piece and other purple sunsets, read my blog here.

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