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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

Scotland is not Far Away original painting

Scotland is not Far Away original painting

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Scotland is not Far Away is an original acrylic painting.

  • Materials: professional-grade acrylic paints, fine art paper card
  • Size: 32 x 23 x 0.2 cm
  • Style: Impressionistic
  • The painting is not framed.
  • The other images show only how this artwork may look in a frame and on a wall.

I have always dreamed about the beauty of Scotland, but I have never been able to make the journey there again. I have been busy with my work as a painter, travelling around the world to other places, and I have never been able to find the time to make the trip to Scotland once again. But after 25 long years, I finally said, "That's enough!" and made the journey north from Yorkshire to Scotland.

As I travelled, I was, of course, struck by the loveliness of the landscape around me. The rolling hills and the impressive skies were so familiar and as stunning as ever. It was as if the land itself was alive, pulsing with energy and vitality.

I knew I had to capture this beauty somehow, so I took out the paints and began creating. I painted the green hills, little white houses, the sky, yellow fields and green meadows with trees in between. And in the end, I created a midsized gem - an original acrylic painting on paper, 32 x 23 cm in size.

I called my painting "Scotland is not Far Away" because I knew this was true. Scotland was not far away - it was right there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be loved.

And as I looked at the painting, I felt a sense of joy and fulfilment. I had finally made my way to Scotland and captured the beauty I encountered on my journey in my painting. It was something special, something that I would always remember. 

Scotland is not Far Away" is not just an original acrylic painting on paper 32 x 23 cm, but a symbol of the power of perseverance and the beauty of exploration. My journey from Yorkshire to Scotland after 25 years of longing was a testament to the fact that we can achieve anything if we set our minds to it. My painting reminds us that the world is full of beauty waiting to be discovered and that no matter how far away something may seem, it's always within reach if we're willing to chase our dreams.

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