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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

View at Carleton from Rookeries, original work of art

View at Carleton from Rookeries, original work of art

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  • Materials: Bristol paper, professional-grade colour pencils "Polychromos" by Faber-Castell, acrylic paints of professional quality, varnish
  • Style: Realism inspired by Impressionism
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 0.35 cm mounted in two mats, and it will fit in regular frames/ 32 x 22 cm painting size. 
  • The artwork is not framed.
  • The second image shows the mounted (US: matted) artwork.

View at Carleton from Rookeries, by Pontefract, is an original mixed-media Yorkshire Landscape.

The term "Rookeries" comes from the tiny woods near Pontefract, which is situated above the village of Carleton and has long been used by birds as a nesting site.

I enjoy taking Harvey for a walk in that area, but I have to be cautious about dogs not on a leash. This can be hazardous in general, and it is particularly challenging for Harvey since he is afraid of other dogs. Encountering loose dogs in that area can be quite tricky.

One day in the springtime, we felt brave enough to stroll in the Rookeries. Harvey was fortunate to be the only dog around, and I was lucky to see the fantastic view of the village of Carleton. What I loved the most about the vista were the yellow fields behind the town, which were truly awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, as usual, I had left my camera back at home.

I want to clarify that I do not carry a cell phone with me all the time. While it can be convenient, I can manage without it. Even though the presence of a camera may make it more attractive, it is not enough to permanently attach me to a smartphone. 

The exact spot I revisited a few days later, although it was not easy to find it again. However, the light conditions differed from the last time I was there. As a result, my painting is a combination of what I photographed and what I remembered from my previous visit.

The artwork has a pleasing composition of green grass in front, yellow fields behind, and small houses surrounded by lush trees habitat in the centre.

I have created a mixed-media painting using professional-grade coloured pencils and acrylic paints. The artwork is mounted with two mats - the first mat is a cream colour, and the second mat is a greenish-neutral grey. If you want to frame it, consider that this work of art is varnished, and therefore, there is no need for glass in front of it.



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