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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

White Roses of York, acrylic painting

White Roses of York, acrylic painting

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  • Materials: linen canvas on board, professional-grade acrylic paints, varnish
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 0.4 cm
  • Style: abstract
  • The artwork is not framed.
  • The second image only shows how the painting may look in a frame and on a wall.

White Roses of York is an original abstract acrylic painting.

My beautiful garden is filled with all kinds of flowers and plants. Among them, a large shrub stands out from the rest. It is a white rose bush that blooms twice every summer. It fills the air with its sweet fragrance and adds a refreshing floral look to the garden.

I love to paint the beauty that surrounds me. One summer day, as I sat in front of the rose bush, I was struck by its mesmerizing beauty, especially on the blue background of the cloudless sky. Of course, I decided to paint it. I wanted to capture the essence of the white roses of York and bring them to life on the canvas.

I worked tirelessly on my painting, using a wabi-sabi style to convey the rose bush's natural imperfections and raw beauty. I painted with passion, using professional-grade acrylic paints to bring out the vibrant colours of the flowers and the lush greenery of the leaves.

Days turned into weeks, and the painting slowly started to take shape. It was turning out quite delightful, and I couldn't wait to share it with the world (meaning the Internet). Finally, when it was done, I stood back and examined my work. It is an abstract and semi-abstract depiction of the large shrub that grows in my garden, capturing the refreshing floral look of the white roses of York against the cloudless blue sky.

The painting is a true work of art, painted on handmade, fine-grain linen canvas fixed to an MDF board. The linen canvas is primed with universal gesso primer four times, and the finished artwork is varnished to protect it against air pollution and UV radiation. 

It is a stunning piece that brings a kick of freshness into any home or office.

The painting is a tribute to the beauty of nature and a testament to my love for art. And every time I look at it, I am transported back to that summer day in the garden, surrounded by the sweet fragrance of the white roses of York.


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