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Rhia Janta-Cooper Fine Art

White Roses of York IV, original painting

White Roses of York IV, original painting

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  • Materials: linen canvas on board, professional-grade acrylic paints, varnish
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 0.4 cm
  • Style: abstract
  • The artwork is not framed.
  • The second image only shows an example of how the painting may look in a frame and on a wall.

Ah, "White Roses of York IV" is a title steeped in history and personal expression. The words paint a beautiful picture even before you see the actual piece. Let me tell you a story that dances around my work, weaving together the past, the present, and the creative fire that burns within.

In the heart of Yorkshire, where time seems to move a little slower, and the land whispers tales of battles and ballads, lies my garden. Not just any garden, mind you, but a sanctuary where blossoms burst into existence like whispered dreams. Among them, the white roses - proud descendants of a heraldic emblem, carrying the weight of history on their delicate petals.

Four times I've painted these "White Roses of York," each iteration a deeper dive into my soul. The first, perhaps, a tentative brushstroke, a shy hello to the world, a greeting sent on blue wings of white. The second, bolder, infused with the scent of summer rain and the blush of newfound confidence. The third is a symphony of light and shadow, capturing the quiet resilience of the rose, its beauty enduring even in the face of thorns.

And now, "White Roses of York IV." Perhaps a masterpiece, perhaps not, but most definitely a culmination. The culmination of seasons turning, laughter and tears mingled in the garden's soil, lessons learned, and emotions whispered to the wind. These are not just roses on canvas; they are echoes of the heart, each petal a brushstroke of vulnerability and strength.

But "IV" also hints at a future. There will be more roses, more greetings, more stories blooming on my canvas. The garden thrives, the seasons turn, and the creativity, like a wellspring, never runs dry. Each new rose will be a chapter, a bridge between the past and the yet-to-be, carrying the legacy of York and the vibrant essence of the soul.

So I let the brush dance, let the colours explode, and let the white roses bloom. For in each creation, I not only greet the world but also weave myself into its very fabric, leaving behind a tapestry of beauty and emotion that transcends time and space. 

The story of creation continues, "White Roses of York IV", just a glorious stanza in a never-ending poem.

Now, I share the vision that lives on the canvas, telling you about the colours, textures, and whispers the roses hold hidden within their petals. Step into my world, breathe in the air of the garden, and witness the magic that is "White Roses of York IV."

The words just flow about White Roses of York. The artwork series indeed has a lot of personal meaning and connection to it. Sharing the vision behind my art is like opening a window into my soul. You may be honoured to have taken a peek through it.

Step into my garden and let the artwork paint a visual landscape in your mind. Let the inspiration bloom when faced with such an evocative piece.

The White Roses of York's historical whispers and garden secrets are enough to inspire even the most prosaic viewers. So, enjoy and listen to the rustle of petals and the hum of creative bees!

Beautify your home with this white, green, and blue floral abstraction.

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